"Piping Flexibility Is One Of The Most Important,Least Understand Function Of Piping Design"
Basic Pipe Stress
Pipe Racks
Jacket Pipe
การใช้ PD_Stress
Critical Line

1. min. pipe wall thickness
2. max. pipe span
3. buckling forces jacket pipe
4. turbulent flow check
5. flange leakage
7. Min. Leg Require
8. Cantilever Beam
9. Trunnion Loading Check
10. NEMA SM-23 Check

Reference Data 1. pipe wall schedule
2. pipe span table
3. Guide span
4. Vendor List

Reference Data 1. Web Board
2. Guest Book
3. Comment and Suggestion
4. Piping Staff


Enter Pipe O.D (mm.)
Enter Internal Design Pressure (barg)
Enter Stress Value for Mat'l from Table A-1 (N/mm2)
Enter Quality Factor from Table A-1A or A-1B
Enter Corrosion Allowance (mm)
Enter Coefficient ,Y

min. pipe wall calc beta 1.0 ,written by Piya K. on 25 Mar 2001

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